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The Good Guys

While he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he has his moments in intellect, mostly from his go-with-the-flow attitude.
A Mega Man fanatic. Out of the group, he's the smarter of the two
The ultimate creation of Dr. Light. Originally known as Rock, he used to be a house bot like Roll. But when Wily first went to his evil ways, Dr. Light upgraded him, and he now fights to stop Dr. Wily.
The creator of Mega Man. He builds robots to aid humanity.
A house bot created by Dr. Light. She's a bit sarcastic, but kind.

The Baddies:

The mad scientist and main antagonist of Mega Man. Even though he rehashes the same plan time and time again, he doesn't seem to take the hint that it doesn't work. His most recent scheme, however, may change everything.
The Dr. Wily extracted from a Mega Man 5 cartridge. He is, supposedly, the best Wily in the games, since the plan the real Wily came up with was perfect. With this Wily's genius, and the real one working together, who knows what can happen.
Dr. Wily's greatest creation, and greatest rival to Mega Man. He helped Wily whip up his current scheme, that Wily almost seemed to ruin. He doesn't like Wily much, and like a typical son, he likes to rebel.
Mega Man's long lost brother. He has occasionally shown up to either fight or aid Mega Man, but now it would seem his true nature has been revealed; By leading a gang of Robot Masters to conquer the world.